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Kindness is a feeling, a thought, an act; and it nourishes the spirit. The intention of this website is to encourage acts of kindness, generosity, and love. We are working to create a space for you to share what you are doing, what you receive or witness and to become part of a community that strives to notice and honour the meaningful moments in life.

This is my pond in the picture. It is a pond I inherited when I moved into my new home this year. I don’t know anything about ponds...yet; hence the murky water. There are goldfish in there that I worry about, but they seem to be quite happy and the gorgeous pink lily of which I was unaware until it bloomed one day!

Even in murky water, life and beauty can flourish....which makes me think that no matter how hard life gets, and how sad and scary the world can be, there are beautiful moments if we look for them or create them...moments where we share kindness, generosity, and love.

The first key is to notice—what we call the pebble.
The second key is to share it—what we call the ripple.

Here, in this community, rather than keep these moments to ourselves, we are asking you to share them with us and everyone who chooses to notice. Not to bolster ego or say how good you are, but to inspire and nurture this in others, lift spirits and grow ourselves. Walking through the world being kind, generous, loving, and full of spirit, is an antidote to stress, anger, pain, and cruelty. Creating community--inspiring yet one more idea in one more person creates a that will create more ripples.

Please join us on our journey to create a ripple. We would like to expand our community of a small group of beings (humans and animals) to include you. If you would like to become a member(free), email us at and we will send you information a.s.a.p. If you don’t want to become a member, you are welcome to visit this site as often as you wish--enjoy, be inspired, and contribute if you choose.


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